So. Here we are. I am bad at bios.


My name is Marta. I am originally Italian but moving around in Europe since age 21. However, I am not that much older than that.

I work as a fashion and lifestyle editor, and I have been writing as a freelancer for quite a bit — my jam has been travel, culture and a dating tips column. Speaking of love: I love old-fashioned blogging. Among all these “10 ways to find out whether you want a baby by age 22”-kind-of-articles, I love the original idea of a holy cyber space where to write freely and unscathed by Kardashian news. Sorry Kardashians.


Hardly an It Girl is born as my umpteenth blog (I had many) because of all the right reasons: I get bored easily, I like typing in old-fashioned fonts, my hand gets tired if I write by hand. This blog takes its name from the fact that I am hardly an It Girl, and to be clear when I say “It” I don’t mean from the IT department (although I am hardly an IT department girl as well).


To say hi, ask questions or for inquiries about collaborations, drop me a mail:

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