Non-expert Advice

Treating yourself is important

Before the paperwork when it’s time to pay rent, before choosing your outfit for the next day, or choosing it too late, before trying to make the same cat eye on both eyes and failing miserably, there is one rule: treat yo-self.

And I mean it. I learned it the hard way, managing to make myself a meal instead of resolving to the good ol’ piece of bread with mustard because fuck cooking. Treating yourself is important because, in spite of what they say, you kind of are a special snowflake. In a good way, not in a douchey one.


Days ago, I was reading this on Refinery29 and I found myself amazed at the magical tales of dirty, down-to-earth gastronomic secrets. The article shares the stories of the editors and their guilty food pleasures in a triumph of shameless self-love. The image of one of Refinery29 editors coming straight from the gym and wolfing down a rotisserie chicken right on the kitchen counter made my eyes shine with excitement. Yes!, I thought triumphantly. This is treating yourself right, goddamit.

Now, I am not saying a gal gotta eat crap or eat standing in order to treat herself. I am saying that cuddling yourself doesn’t necessarily need to involve broccoli. You know what I am saying?

Down here are my lame-yet-wonderful golden rules (or hints) to leaving the treat-yourself life.

– Allow yourself some takeout from time to time. You deserved it. You walked all the way to work. You didn’t buy the shoes. You worked a couple of extra hours. You worked out. Trust me.

– Trashy TV shows are embarrassing, but you don’t need to tell your friends. Nobody needs to know that you watched ANTM yesterday night. Nobody.

– Fuck looking fab at home. Embrace sweatpants. Embrace yoga pants. Embrace no pants.

– When angry, buy yourself something new. When sad, do the same.

– Cook yourself something. I know, who cares, it’s just me, right? Wrong. You do you, you are cool. Cook yourself something nice and eat it watching Scandal or whatever.

– You also deserved that glass of wine.


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