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Browspiration: Maisie Williams

You know when you’re feeling down and all you need is some bad-ass-chick inspiration in order to regain self-confidence? For me, that bad-ass-chick-thing bears the name of Maisie Williams, star of Game of Thrones and of my wildest brow dreams.

Yes, Maisie is a great actress, she cares about dolphins and, according to her Instagram profile that I regularly stalk, she seems like the bff you never had. I’ll pardon all the selfies because she posts a lot of musical videos starring her turtle (tortoise?).

But what makes Maisie Williams my safe haven whenever I need a metaphorical kick in the butt is her incredibly strong brow game. Maisie doesn’t have a conventional face, and she rocks it wildly. Her bushy caterpillars just give that game-changing accent to a face that is ready to kick ass.

I mean, look at them.

If presidential elections were won based on eyebrows, she’d be on her second term already. And if eyebrows could kill: Arya, I guess. Gallery follows for some additional eyebrow envy.

All photos via @maisie_williams

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