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The perks of a scruffy-casual Saturday outfit

If I were popular because of something (I’m not), it would be for my mastery of the scruffy-casual outfit I sport every Saturday. If you thought casual was cool, think again — this is way more than your jeans + t-shirt kind of relaxed weekend afternoon. What I am talking about is the Nirvana of all things comfort.

This is what I am talking about, Vanessa. Image via Cosmopolitan
This is what I am talking about, Vanessa. Image via Cosmopolitan

A quick Google image search named “celebrities going to the gym” will give you a clear idea of what I am talking about. Yes, they are celebrities therefore very often at the gym. Yes, Miley Cyrus’ yoga pants are probably worth all of my wardrobe put together. But this doesn’t mean you cannot rock the same whatever-look to stun everyone at the laundromat.

To be fair, the only place I have managed to wear this perfect outfit was the supermarket down the road. This if I don’t mention that time my credit card was refused and I had to sport my scruffy-casual look all the way to the next neighbourhood looking for an ATM. Some guy even had the courage to whistle! Probably for fun.

Since nowadays everyone (rightly) speaks about empowerment, I’ll add that there are few things more empowering than going shopping in your pajamas. Also, who wants jeans on a Saturday? And now, an overview.

celebrities-rock-designer-gym-bags--large-msg-134332606444 celebrities-rock-designer-gym-bags--large-msg-134332606193 celebrity_workout_style_Alexa_Chungarticle-0-1865829C000005DC-199_634x874

Photos from right to left via (2),,

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