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How to drink alone with no shame

There is one idea that is hard to shake, and that is that drinking alone is depressing. But allow me to object. Drinking alone is the exact opposite of depressing — it is, in fact, a moment carefully cut out from your day in which you can dump your ass on the couch and release a sigh of relief: the day is over, you may now have some well-deserved time for yourself.

Obviously, there are limits and a certain degree of etiquette to keep in mind. Since I enjoy drinking regardless of the context, I had to draft a personal list of dos and don’ts of drinking alone, together with some lessons learned along the road. This way, I can enjoy a toast to myself without lingering into alcoholism, or so I like to tell myself (I am joking, mum!). It must be your lucky day, because I am about to blabber about it.


– DO drink a glass of wine or a beer, although last time I spent indulging in the latter I gained 7 kg in about 6 months. Forewarned is forearmed. Wine is cool on that front though.

Maybe DON’T go for actual cocktails, long drinks and the like. That stuff is bar material.

A glass while cooking is a bless from the sky. 5 glasses without dinner are likely to send you to work the next day with an embarrassing hangover.

Having a hangover for drinking alone is, in fact, the depressing thing.

Listening to French music while enjoying your alone-drink may raise the sophistication of the whole ordeal.

Dancing is allowed and warmly recommended.

Red wine is the drink of choice, because that’s what they do in the movies and also white wine gives me a headache and anyways it feels more like an eating-fish-by-the-sea kind of drink. Not that I wouldn’t like being by the sea eating fish at the moment. But it’s fall, we’re all cold, and nothing warms you up better than a glass of wine and reading a magazine not giving a damn about nothing at all.



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