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Seriously, I kind of had enough of the Kardashians

My colleagues know it, my flatmate knows it, my ‘hide’ button which I press repeatedly on Facebook knows it: one of the things I would do while on the edge of a mental breakdown is stand in the middle of a crowded train station and cry out loud “I don’t give a goddamn crap about Kim Kardashian!” And her family. Would people turn to look at me? Would they nod in agreement or would they call the police?

As I log into all my social media accounts in the morning, coffee in my right hand and pre-lunch resting bitch face on the front, I realize something: if you are an average 20-something who wants to keep him/herself updated and see how the world rolls, there is no escape from some degree of puppy-related news and knowing what some celebrity’s sister wore to breakfast. I’ll say yes to puppies: puppies are cute. I’ll say yes to a funny video of a guy skating over a fence and failing miserably. But there is no way on earth I am going to say yes to the secret tips of 18-year-old Kylie Jenner who reveals all about how to get her plump lips (spoiler alert: it’s surgery!).

Look, I know the feeling. Not all of the online news sources do it in a malicious way. Most

One typical bunch of Kardashians hanging out. credits on pic

One typical bunch of Kardashians hanging out. credits on pic

online newspapers, even some of the most respectable ones, need to go with the tide and dish out some clickable headline from time to time, like 10 ways to get to know if he is the one. Do they have any idea if he is the one? No!, but they need them clicks. And this is how the market goes.

But as I scroll my newsfeed clicking here and there on headlines I don’t really care about, I can’t help but feel like these so-called “news” are blatantly, silently making me dumber than I’d be in my natural state. Kim and family became famous because of what? Nobody really knows. Some say the culprit was Kim’s sex tape, but I don’t really believe that. I believe it’s all our fault, people hungry for empty news and random fashion statements. So as you click on Kendall Jenner’s latest outfit worn to church, ask yourself one question: would you care if it was your neighbour? Would you care if he was the guy who works at the grocery store? And would you care about the Kardashians family, if they weren’t having reality shows and shit?

For those who agree, here is a cool tool which blocks the Kardashians out of your Google life. It doesn’t work on Facebook yet, but it’s a good first step.
For those who don’t agree, here is the latest on Kim daughter’s hair. Enjoy it.


featured image via Faber & Faber,

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