Unlearning to cook

We 20-somethings have this peculiarity which includes being horrible at cooking. Yes, I do know some who are actually able to survive on a medium-low salary AND proudly invite guests for delicious dinners, but I am definitely not among them.

People I randomly met usually think I am supposed to be a good cook because I am Italian. First of all, this is racist; second of all, my lasagna is just ok-ish. During my year spent living completely alone in Germany and a very low budget I knew the supermarket by heart, so that I managed to buy whatever was cheap and vaguely healthy. My new passion for Pinterest helped to find the whole cooking process curious and I started to rock the cookers. I thought there was no going back.enhanced-buzz-12798-1360368158-0

However, I have been living in Vienna for two months now and the thing I ingest the most is red wine and toasted bread with stuff from the fridge – mainly mustard or feta. This Friday I am turning 24, and I am basically unlearning to cook. Yesterday I fucked up pancakes, the other day an omelette.

How long will it take before I find myself paying some lady to cook for me in order to simulate my teenage years? I definitely don’t have the money for that.


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